We are Lemonat

Lemonat® is a design agency that focuses on user-friendly web and mobile application design that provides users with a unique experience.

 We offer service, experience and interface design services for all digital platforms, including mobile applications and websites; helping our partners to turn their users into happy customers. 

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Our Approach

We Focus

When approaching any project, we empathise the owners, try to get the best understanding of project needs, then incorporate our expertise to create the best user experience in a useful, meaningful way.

We Create

Providing the best user experience possible and highest usability is our main focus, therefore we create user flows, wireframes, mockup designs and prototypes, then develop the front-end and back-end software with the latest web technologies.

We Iterate

We believe design never ends. We know there is always a better version will exist, even it’s a successful project. We keep improving our production by testing, monitoring, analysing and revising to get a super version.

Our Capabilities

Our basic recipe for delivering happiness is creating a strong strategy and implementing it through creative design capabilities and the latest technology.

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Behind our success is our ability to work harmoniously with our clients around the world.

Since 2012, we have proudly contributed to the mobile applications market with our high-end web and mobile projects. We continue working with renowned brands from the telecom, retail, fashion and finance industries.

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