Introducing a unique credit score experience and financial life tracking.

Client: Findeks
Type: Web Design
Year: 2013

Findeks is a financial service platform founded by Credit Registry Bureau, established by a partnership of leading banks in Turkey. As Turkey’s first credit rating service, it offers various services such as Credit Score, Credit Risk Report, QR Check Report, Credit Notation Consultancy to individual and corporate users.

We teamed up with Findeks to introduce these unique services to customers through a user-friendly and responsive website.

Our main goal was to create a seamless buying journey for customers, besides an engaging marketing website design.

Website Design
Project Analysis
Digital Strategy
Discovery & Research
Content Strategy
User Experience Design
Front-end Development
Server-side Development
Fndkscom 01 1
Fndkscom Colors 1
Fndkscom Typography 1
Fndkscom 02 1
Fndkscom Full scaled 1

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