Rethinking B2B Website Design for a Leading DevOps Company

Web Design

Inomera is a B2B Software Consultancy & Devops Company that produces world-class software products. We helped Inomera rethink business communication by redesigning its corporate website with an innovative approach.

Services Provided
Content Management Systems
Digital Strategy
Discovery & Research
Front-end Development
Project Analysis
Server-side Development
User Experience Design
Website Design
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inomera photo 03
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inomera typography
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Custom-designed product/service promotion sections can be easily adjusted on the homepage depending on the business’ future objectives.

Inomera’s Products and Services are displayed in an easy-to-read and SEO-friendly format while focusing on potential customers’ attention.
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Each product/service page has a dedicated Contact Us section that also shows the sales representative’s direct contact information. So, customers know right at the beginning who will be in contact with.
Inomera’s extensive products and services are listed on a mega menu layout. This enables us to display all the services together and reflect the size of the company operations.
inomera 14
Thanks to the efforts of the Lemonat team, our website accurately reflects our business approach and services better. Because of the perfect communication, we worked like a single unit during the project.
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